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Where to Buy a Cell Phone Jammer Kit?

The legality of owning, using and selling cell phone jammer kit is different depending on where you live. Although its illegal to sell cell phone jammer kit here in the United States, you can basically purchase them from British, Israeli, and Asian electronic websites. Companies in the United Kingdom can sell jammers but it is illegal for civilians in the United Kingdom to make use of them. This odd legal paradox may sound familiar to individuals who own radar detectors here in the United States.

US civilians looking to acquire a cell phone jammer kit will must buy one from Europe or Asia. In the event you live in the United Kingdom, you can only buy a cell phone jammer kit in Asia. & you fortunately Asian residents can purchase cell phone jammer kit from the United Kingdom or elsewhere within Asia however this may vary from country to country.

Two great sites that sell cell phone jammer kit are (UK) and (US). Any site selling cell phone jammer kit will include legal notices to help customers understand any restrictions that may be in place. has this legal note on their web-site for UK customers:

Cell phone jammer kit is illegal to use in the UK as it violates sections 1 & 13 of the 1949 telegraphy act, we are therefore unable to supply cell phone jammer kit to any UK customer with the exception of certain military and government departments who have the necessary authorization from the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom). Please note that no exceptions can be made on this policy. has a similar note for US customers: Cell phone jammer kit is for sale only to united states government agencies & export customers. Exports are required to have state department approval (export license) – no exceptions.

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Cell Phone Blocker - Give You a Second life

Are you wandering why a cell phone blocker can give you a second life? Is it a fairy wand? Take it easy, lets get understand what the cell phone blocker is first.

The High Power Mobile Phone Blocker with Remote Control provides you with industrial strength frequency blocking with 10 Watts of output power and high gain antennas. The phone jammer is designed to give you a typical operational radius of 30 meters (approx. 100 feet) - phones within this range are jammed. Easy to use, effective and versatile, this unit does not require any maintenance from the user. Additionally, the special casing is designed to dissipate all generated heat from the unit, ensuring no down time and protecting the circuitry. Just set it up and leave it on - it's as simple as that! What also makes this unit so special is the remote control supplied. If you are in a working area with good line of sight to the jammer, you can make use of the remote control to ensure you can still easily turn it off temporarily when you need to call out. This user-friendly Cell Phone Jammer would be perfect for those who really need to have a truly professional designed and produced device for simple set-it-and-forget-it operation.

Car accidents

In our life, There are more and more car accidents to happen. When we refer to the causes of the reasons, you automatically think of seat belts, following the speed limit, or using your blinkers. However, there are seldom people to think that cell phone is also one of the reason to become one of the top causes of automobile accidents!

As we all know, if a driver has a talk in driving , it’s very easy for them to cause the car accident. Yes, from the daily experience, you can get the result easily. Every day someone is killed because a driver was using a cell phone and became distracted from the task of driving. Our vehicles can be dangerous weapons if we let them be, and a driver needs to concentrate on the road every single second. What’s more, drivers talking on their phones are a danger not only to themselves but also others. The federal and state governments are doing what they can in trying to minimize the danger by banning driving with cell phone use.

Think about it, if you have a cell phone blocker in your car and there is no signal to bother your driving, is it possible to minimze the car accident? And on the other hand, if you don't have a cell phone blocker and a car accident may caused by your talking or texting on your cell phone. So, do you believe that a the cell phone blocker can give you a second life?

Palm Mini Cell Phone Signal Blocker

Just turn on this Palm Mini Cell Phone Signal Blocker,it will jam all cell phones signal within range of 3 m (no one can make or receive any phone calls within range of 3 m from the jammer). In other words, no one can use a cell phone in range of 3 m from the jammer. The outstanding palm mini cell phone signal blocker allows you disable cell phone signals, even in the areas is full bars receiption. Prevents eavesdropping using cellular telephones in meeting rooms, homes, office etc.

The palm mini cell phone signal blocker can also be used where disturbance from phones are not allowed such as in theatres, meeting rooms, class rooms, libraries, etc. The palm mini cell phone signal blocker truly is pocket size,  solid quality, reliable, super simple to use. Taking use of super-high frequency and mini-power interfer -ence technology, high efficiency. Effectively making subsections, just interfering downlink and no interception on the base station. Extreme portability. Electric battery life: With timer mode approximately 150 times, approximately with continual ON 4 hours.

LG Wrist Watch Cell Phone Captures 10% Market

An integrated camera allows video calls, and 2 GB MP3 offers the opportunity to listen to music through a Bluetooth wireless stereo headset. With the voices, make a call is very simple. The wrist watch cell phone recognizes the voice of his master and can be read through the integrated loudspeaker messages received by SMS. Miniaturization leads to several defects. Entering text using the touchscreen keyboard soon becomes tedious and imprecise.

The watch phone has been the star of the fairs in Las Vegas in January 2009 and Barcelona in February. The question is whether the public will adhere to this new concept. It will be released in the second half in Europe and elsewhere later, at a price not determined.

Careful design, set with a metal frame and a tempered glass front, the
Touch Watch Phone is available in several colors.the bracelet is available in leather or carbon fiber. With less than 14 mm thick and compact size (61 x 39 x 13.9 mm), watch phone rivals in most compact phones on the market. Its interface is designed around a touch screen of 1.43 inches (36.32 mm and 65 000 colors). The main screen is clear and has six icons: Phone (GSM, 3G, 3G +), contacts, SMS, music, tools and settings. The icons are large enough to be handled with the touch of a finger, without using a stylus. On the side of the clock, three buttons allow you to access the functions of collecting, hang up and cancel.

Despite these predictions, LG has set the dual purpose of holding 10% share of the telephony market in 2009 (8% in 2008) and a 20% increase in sales. This will be achieved in two ways: by offering high-end terminals, which can generate comfortable margins, and the development of models that are sold for less than $ 100, to benefit from the volume effect. According to research firm Nielsen, the appetite for U.S. and European consumers for mobile multimedia category includes GD910 LG, continues to grow strongly in 2009 and 2010, despite the crisis. Up to 32% this year, according to Gartner.

Cell Phone Jammer: When Privacy Seems Important

If relying on the definition, the mobile phone jammer is a unique device or an tool that is used to prevent the mobile rings from receiving or sending the cellular signals from among any network. These mobile phone jammers are also useful when it comes to transmitting the signals to a base station. When a mobile phone jammer is used, it disables the mobile phone from any further functioning and interestingly the device can be used practically at any location however the authorities usually implement it when the silence is expected.

The frequent and ubiquitous reach of cell rings at every house hold made various issues to the organizations and dictating authorities. These mobile phone usually raised issues when they often invade the individual's privacy, add hassles like academic cheating, or even aid in industrial surveillance by the competitors. Mobile phone jamming devices or cell phone signal jammers is the best alternative against the pricey measures.

These mobile phone jammers help the authorities and administrative sections in various ways. These jammers are used for law enforcement in various private and public sub domains and also it adds the assistance to defence services by interrupting communications among the criminals and terrorists. The wide use of the cell rings is now evident in restaurants, film theaters, concerts, shopping malls and church buildings, however all these places are complain the deadly breach in the privacy and discomfort.

This is the basic reason why these public places are much enthusiastic to put in the mobile phone jammer or mobile phone jammers in the premises. These jammers are coming in variety of shapes and sizes and in variety of models resembling the size of cell rings. Maximum jammers could work in a range of about 50 to 80 feet and will only effective to jam the environment. Stronger jammers are also available when needs are aroused to cover larger structure like office buildings, film theaters and sizable church buildings as well as religious establishments.

The recent and technically advanced mobile phone jammers are coming in the section of double and triple band jammers that could basically block the systems in use. The mobile phone jammers are used in 2 versions. One version is meant for Europe, one is for North Africa and the Gulf States. It is strictly your caution to pick the best mobile phone jammer in accordance together with your surroundings.

Text Blocker and Cell Phone Blocker Devices Save Lives

With the ever increasing attention that both law makers & the general public are dedicating to distracted driving concerns, they have seen the appearance of the cell phone signal blocker market. These mobile phone blocker devices are intended to block mobile phone use while driving. There's plenty of different designs out on the market today which ends up in the query, "Do cell phone signal blockers devices work?"

There's a couple of different models on the market right now. Let's examine the professionals & cons & see which of them work. GPS mobile phone blockers are, by far, the most typical in this new market. They are not a bad idea, & they have an inclination to be cheaper, but they do have some imperfections. Fundamentally, they work by keeping your GPS on & if the GPS shows that you are travelling at a speed above a specific threshold (such as faster than a person can jog), it will prevent you from dialing or texting from your phone. This is effective, but can sometimes be impractical. For example, whether you are in the driver stool or the passenger stool, the application won't be able to tell the difference. So, in the event you are a passenger & need to speak on the phone, you are out of luck. Something else to think about is that this process of text blocking can run in to issues if there is bad weather or in the event you are in an area where satellite signals are difficult to receive/send (such as a tunnel or underpass).

The Bluetooth process appears to be much more practical. The one that I have seen use this process is Safe Driving Systems. Safe Driving Systems makes use of know-how patented by the University of Utah to connect cell rings to the vehicle's OBD port. Their device, called Key 2 Safe Driving, utilizes a blue tooth dongle which plugs directly in to the car's OBD port. The dongle then sends a signal to the phone, letting it know if the automobile is moving or not. If the automobile is walking & moving, the dongle will alert the phone to enter "Safe Driving Mode" which locks down the keyboard & text/call notifications. Your texts will go straight to your inbox & your calls go straight to voice mail. Then, once the automobile stops moving, the phone will alert that you have messages. This process avoids the issues that GPS methods suffer & it also lets you to set up custom rules so that you can still talk when you are not driving. Another feature of Key 2 Safe Driving is the fact that you can make emergency calls to 911 & 2 other pre-programmed numbers in the event you need to. I did not observe this often with the GPS based mobile phone blocker devices. Finally, the Bluetooth dongle forces your phone to keep its Bluetooth on, so you cannot "cheat" by disengaging your Bluetooth. Also, in the event you unplug the dongle or try to turn off the Bluetooth or application, it will send a text to the device administrator (usually a boss or parent) letting them know that the device has been tampered with. It appears to be fool proof & far more practical than the GPS text blocker devices.

The bottom line is, "No Cell Drive, Saves Lives." They must make definite they do not let our cell rings distract us at all.

Jam Mobile Phone Signal, Legal or not?

Problems such as privacy invasion, academic cheating or even industrial espionage have been raised as cellphone use has skyrocketed. A small but growing band of people is turning to a blunt countermeasure: the mobile phone jammer a gadget that renders nearby mobile devices impotent.

Since the birth of cell phone jammer, it is apparently doomed to be marked with “illegal”. The sale and use of jammers are outlawed in most of countries overall the world because it interferes with the emergency communication. Anyone who use, sell or distribute jammers could be fine up to $11,000 for a first offense in the United States. The jamming gadget is routinely used by military, jail, police station to control or disrupt communication during hostage situations and bomb threats.

Banning the sale and civilian use of cell phone signal jammer has its reasons. You can not make the emergency call because of someone’s jammer blocking. For example, jammer could be used by criminals to stop people from communicating in an emergency. France once legalized cell-phone jammers in (movie) theaters and other places in 2004 but then abandoned due to complaints regarding emergency calls.

However, jammers can also used for good. Gas stations are sparkled and exploded as the drivers use their cell phones when they refuel for their car. How terrible it is? People always oversee the warnings posted in the sensitive places. Some countries’ petroleum and petrochemical companies have equipped cell phone jammers in gas stations. The electromagnetic signal cell phone jammer sends is always in the static state and will not communicate with other signal sources, which means it does not interfere with other electronic devices and has no harm for human being.

The demanding for jammers is rising. Owners of cafes and hair salons, hoteliers, public speakers, theater operators, bus drivers and, increasingly, commuters on public transportation use jammers to force employees to focus on customers rather than their cell phones.

Someone says jamming is necessary to do his job effectively. Can you bear you are interrupted by someone who are talking about sexual abuse when your session? It’s fun to watch the kids try to get a signal when they hide low in the seats and use their phones.

Nowadays jammers come in a variety of shapes and sizes including cellphone-sized models. The palm sized jammers are easy for you to carry around or slip into your coat pocket. Have you ever experienced that someone especially girl was blabbing away into her phone when you were trying to enjoy a move.meal at a restaurant, or a nice quiet nap one the commuter bus/train? So the next time, you can reach into you backpack and get some quiet on the train with your jammer Although government forbids the use and sale of jammers, these kinds of devices are finding a market. Someday when jammers are used more judiciously, and governments relax their restriction and prohibition on jammers, and they are allowed to be used in churches, cinemas, theatres and counthouses, we will be able to enjoy peace and quiet at restaurants, cinemas or the commuter train or bus.
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Docking Station

UNITEK sent us one of their ideal docking stations for review, now some are taking a look at it wondering why and the rest are saying ‘wonderful', I fall in to the "wonderful" crowd. Why you ask, well I cannot tell you how plenty of times I tore apart a drive enclosure to make the hard drive docking station for a file recovery setup so I didn't must keep installing/uninstalling drives in to a outside cage or my laptop computer case.

 The UNITEK comes in a pleasant box sporting the docking station. This combination would make for a pleasant conversation piece, but chances are in the event you have one of these drives its in your case not setting on your table gathering dust.

 There is nothing like upgrading your computer, right? What about getting your elderly information from the last hard disk docking station to the unitek y 1064? Sure you can set it as a slave, but what if the drive is failing and you need to get the elderly stuff fast? Or what in the event you need to prep that drive to be installed in another computer and do not require to must put in it and then take it out, only to put in it again? But then again, there is the installation work. What in the event you could slip the drive in to a dock and pull it out when done without much work?

I have always been an advocate of outside devices. Except for HDD enclosures - the dearth of heat dissipation on most of them makes me shudder in my Spiderman jammies. But other stuff, like thousands of
unitek 1064 devices out there, have always made my eyes glaze over and my tongue hang like a puppy with a mouthful of peanut butter. The one thing that always draws me in is Convenience of Function.

Lcd Color Video Door Phones With Rain-Proof And Explosion-Proof

If a customer likes Korean TV series, it is common to see that the hosts unlock the door for the visitors by checking with the video door phone.

At present, with the development of technology, more and more wonderful video door phone sprung up like mushroom. Here, ePathChina will recommends consumers an excellent video door phone intercom which is very suitable for villas.

The recommended video door phone can not only help users see who the visitor is, but also support you talk with the visitor. Besides, the video door phone has some other superior features.

1. Hands-free intercom

This is a villa-type hands-free color video doorbell. It support visual two-way intercom and hands-free. That is to say, when someone visits you, as long as he presses the ring button, users will receive visitor calls in the house and see who is. And then he will have video chat without holding a handset. It is more guaranteed than the previous non-visual intercom as users can see whether know the visitor. It is more secure.

2. Monitoring Unlocking

This video telephone comes with a function of monitoring the unlocking permission. It means the video telephone can only unlock under the surveillant condition of monitor, which can avoid the accident circumstance without monitoring, such as misoperation or children random press on the unlock key cause the door open etc. in addition, its Manual deterrent alarm function is another guarantee for safety precautions.

3. IR night vision

The door bell phone support IR night vision. Even if in the evening, you can have the clear information of your gate circumstance. This function can not only help people identify the visitors but also help people protect their house effectively in the evening like antitheft.

4. Rain-proof and Explosion-proof

The wireless video intercom system supports rain-proof. There is no need to worry about broken or corrosion. Even if it is raining, people can use it normally. Besides, it supports explosion-proof. And it also can adjust the height.

Additionally, the intercom door phone come with other advantages, such as diphonia ringback, Image timing auto power-off, audio/video output etc. furthermore, it is easy and convenient to install and maintain.

Intercom doorbell is beautiful and fashionable. Moreover, its ultra-thin and wall-mounted design is adornments for household beautification, which can more show their identity.

Practical and reliable function and convenient operation is the ideal antitheft device of modern families, which is widely used for single-family houses, villas, offices, public buildings and other places. It is also the best gift to relatives and friends!

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Can you make a movie masterpiece in 48 hours?

Most movies take years to get made. But the Winnipeg Film Group and Cinematheque are hoping you can pull off a good four-minute short in 48 hours.
The WFG's 48 Hour Film Contest invites would-be auteurs to start a film Friday evening and have it ready for screening Sunday. Competing teams have a choice of formats: playable, non-looped DVDs, aee mini dv, 16mm film or 35mm film.
For the first time this year, teams will randomly be given a genre, line of dialogue/text, and prop/item to include in their film. Contestants pay a registration fee of $10 per team and must shoot and edit the entire film (to a maximum running time of four minutes) in the designated 48 hours using the items chosen.
All films, to a maximum of 25 entries, will premiere at Cinematheque Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Completed films are to be dropped off at the Cinematheque on Sunday between 5:30 p.m.and 6 p.m.
The WFG's contest announcement contains the following advisories:
You do not have to live in Winnipeg to participate but you must be present at the beginning and end of the 48-hour period to be eligible.
You must register with the $10 entry fee. Cash only.
The entry fee entitles you to two free passes to the screening on Sunday.
No equipment will be provided to filmmakers.
The entered films can be about anything you choose but must contain the randomly drawn items chosen by a team member at registration time.
Please include filmmaker names, title and screening ratio on your DVD.
Prizes will be awarded.
If you are interested in being involved in a film but don't have a team, you could show up at registration and possibly join someone else's team. Editors are needed.
Warning: Films are not screened prior to the première on Sunday so they may contain imagery and situations not suitable for all audiences. Films will not be rated.
The WFG encourages all filmmaking teams to follow City of Winnipeg filming rules and accepts no responsibility for filmmakers while on shoots for this contest. Please act conscientiously while on your shoots.

Parrot Record Wireless Doorbell

There are thousands of doorbells in the market. People buy them for home security and surveillance, Such as video doorbell, phone intercoms and many novel shape doorbells. I found a wireless doorbell with a parrot present is very interesting.

The parrot shaped wireless doorbell for replacing that old fashioned ding dong doorbell installed in every house, and featuring a very loud 2W speaker for hearing the bird call chime very clearly. Being a wireless doorbell system means that installation can be done by anyone, and the cute design of the doorbell itself is sure to intrigue and amuse anyone who takes a look at it. Make your house much more unique and interesting with this Wireless Bird Doorbell.


Intelligent, energy saving, environment protection

Wireless Remote Control Doorbell represents the technology of surpassing obstacles;

Lark Doorbell for sparrow design will be more novelty; sound of nature;

Delicate smart part, makes the doorbell a saluting angel of dwelling house, work building, hotel, tire building, factory and so on, you will never miss any guest;

The remote button powered by 1 AAA battery(not included).

The Lark Doorbell powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Easy to install, with double-side stickers at the back of the remote button.

Dimension of the Sparrow: 19.5 x 11.5 x 6cm (L*W*D)

Weight: 160g

Lovely and elegant appearance

6 Seconds Recordable

Remote-Controlled range 50-100 meters

If you are interested in this gadget you can visit to get more info.

Solar Charger:Green Product for You

What charges up to 3,200 devices and runs off of solar energy, your computer, or a wall plug-in? It's green product: the solar charger! It's compact designs make it portable and the ideal eco-companion for charging the growing multitude of gadgets. Universal solar charger for laptop are growing globally, and with this affordable and eco-option you can keep your luggage light as well as your footprint. The Solio chargers first came to market after 2001 and were a big hit. Now they have three great models out: the Mono, The Classic, and Rocsta. The cord conundrum that comes with traveling in today's gadget-driven world can be frustrating and take up precious luggage or backpack space. So why not simplify and solar-fy with this great eco-gadget?
Eco-Mobility The inventors of the Solio focuses their energy on increasing what they call "Eco-Mobility", so that people can travel for business or pleasure in the most sustainable way possible. These little chargers have solar cells, a USB cord, and an outlet plug-in to allow for charging under any conditions. So whether you are a traveling salesman or woman spending many a night in hotels or an avid back country adventurer, you have an option to keep your devices charged. From an outdoor enthusiast's perspective, this green product can help keep you safe in dire conditions by charging radios, phones, and other devices that may be necessary. They hold a charge for up to a year, making it ready for immediate use. You can charge your phone, camera, GPS, MP3 player, and more with this single device.
The Specs For the tech-enthusiasts, check out the stats on these bad boys:
•Long life internal 1650Amh Lithium-Ion Battery.
•3 High efficiency solar cells.
•Multi-function LED light/start button.
•Charging cable input (USB / AC).
•Charge output
•5-6V, 800mA output range.
•4.8 Watts
The chargers range in price, with the Classic charger typically ringing in around $100. Not too bad for the convenience of keeping everything charged and accessible for many years to come. With the gadget craze of the 21st Century, this one time investment in the green product could have a great payback period.
What Makes it So 'Green'? Well first we have the solar charger as a charging option, so alternative energy = check. These were also designed to be easily taken apart and then recycled. Something that most electronics do not consider during the design process resulting in the horrific mess of eWaste littering third world nations. They offer information on how to recycle the device and also offer a product take back policy to recycle it for you, something barely coming of age in the United States. The company has planted trees to directly offset their manufacturing process. They have also analyzed the input materials to find the least toxic inputs with the highestrecyclabilityrate. Through careful design and manufacturing, this company has really set the standard high for electronic goods manufacturing.
So check out this week's green product, the Solio Solar Charger, to learn more and make eco-mobility part of your lifestyle.

More info about solar charger at:

Cell Phone GPS Jammer: for or Oppose

Every coin has two sides. People around the world have different opinions about cell phone GPS jammer. It’s legal in this country while illegal in another. What do you think of this kind of thing? For or oppose?

Here are some opinions from others:

A: It would be easy to be oblivious to an emergency in an area that size which could encompass hundreds of people (especially a self-absorbed ass who would use something like this). Even assuming you were completely aware of everything going on in your vicinity, I doubt you could sense important incoming calls. I'm sure the gentleman dining at the table next to you won't mind not receiving the call that the hospital finally has a transplant for him. I'm sure the mom sitting three rows behind you at the theater won't mind missing the call from the babysitter that little Timmy swallowed poison.

B: People will die without mobile phones? This didn't seem to be a concern 20 years ago; landlines still exist, so find one. By law in the US business owners can't block mobile phones in their store unless the building was constructed out of resistant material before hand.
It wouldn't be a problem if people used common courtesy on both ends. Eventually this will be solved with the advent of having mobile phones implanted internally.


C: I would only advise using a jammer in places where cellular telephone usage is highly annoying and socially unacceptable.. i.e. a resturant, movie theatre, classroom, etc. Maybe when some retard on the road isn't paying attention because of his conversation too.
Otherwise, I think it would be best to leave people alone. However, in these situations, it is rather difficult to get caught or for the
FCC to do anything about it. If you're running it 24/7 out of your apartment and telling everyone about it, then you do deserve to get caught and it would be much easier to find the source of the interference to implicate you criminally.
Everyone loves to huff and puff indignatly on the Internet. The FCC can't do anything more than try to question you (and you can refuse to talk to them) and try to take signal readings outside your residence.

D: The fact is, cell phone jammer really SAVED alot more live then cellphone ever did... How do you think they prevent remote detonation of bombs? Jammer... You guys clearly aren't cops.
You'll be hard pressed to find any US vehicle in iraq not equipped with one, it's the solution to IED, what do you think soldier do to place a cell call? They just MOVE AWAY from the vehicle ( or turn them off, but that rarely happens ). That's all... The exact same thing you do when you get a low signal, you move to find a better one. You see an emergency ( and of course you don't offer to help! hell you're the all important cell guy who's gonna save the day! ), you move a couple of feet and you get your signal back.
Should we blow up moutains because they block signals?

E: great place to use them is where cell phones are not allowed, like at MANY schools, kids use cell phones to cheat on tests. Too bad those select few of cheaters and other inconsiderate people have to ruin cell phones for the rest of us. I have no beef against cell phones, only how they have become (to some people) a necessity for social life. Last time i checked, you did't need to talk to a friend who is cutting school, while your taking a test.

So, how do you think of this problem?

Why We Need a Video Doorbell?

Video doorbell can increase your overall safety at home or at your business by allowing you to see who is at the door before you decide to open it or not open it. There are many stores on line or else where have a variety of video doorbell from high end models to more economical ones which produce images in both color and black and white.

A video doorbell system works with a camera unit mounted outside the entrance door (or designated area) and a display monitor installed inside your home (or business) showing what the camera is pointing at. Typically when someone presses the call button on the outside video intercom unit or rings the door bell it activates the camera and alerts the indoor monitor. You can then talk to the person as you look at their image.

Some video doorbell units have built-in memory that will record the images of visitors who ring the buzzer. The memory will hold a time and date stamp as well. In addition, some higher end vedio doorbell has a built in open button in which you can lock and unlock your door to allow visitors in.

The lower priced video doorbells are usually black and white and come with basic features. While the higher priced video doorbells are colored and incorporate the features of a surveillance system with built-in infrared lights that will allow you to see your guests at night. Some systems might even have a manual turn on function in case your visitor knocks rather than rings the door bell.

Brief Analysis of Solar Panel, Solar Battery and Solar Charger

You absolutely know that solar panel, solar battery and solar charger all have closely connection with solar. However, what are the differences among them?


Solar panel: A solar panel (photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel) is a packaged interconnected assembly of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells. The solar panel is used as a component in a larger photovoltaic system to offer electricity for commercial and residential applications.

Solar battery: A device that store power generated from the sun and discharge the power as needed (through an inverter).

Solar charger: It employs solar energy to supply electricity to devices or charge batteries.


Solar panel:

1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels – Monocrystalline cells are cut from a block of silicon that has been grown from a single crystal.

2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels – Polycrystalline cells are cut from multifaceted silicon crystal. They don’t come from a single piece of silicon crystal, but rather from many different crystals.

3. Thin Film or Amorphous Solar Panels – These panels are not made up of any crystals. They are actually a thin layer of silicon deposited on a substrate or base material like metal or glass.

Solar battery:

1. Golf Cart Batteries

Golf-cart batteries, also used in RVs and boats, are suited for small, privately owned solar systems. These batteries are inexpensive, which makes them great for the average homeowner.

2. Gel

Gel solar batteries are solar batteries that are industrial grade and can handle more discharge cycles.

3. Lead Acid

Like gel batteries, lead acid solar batteries are of industrial quality. However, unlike gel batteries, lead acid batteries have caps through which the user can add water.

4. AGM

Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are recommended by the website. AGM batteries get their name from the mat of woven glass (boron silicate) that holds the battery electrolyte. According to the Web site, these batteries won’t leak and have the advantages of slower discharge and no gas release.

Solar charger:

  1. The first type uses internal rechargeable batteries. The advantage of this is that you can let it charge while it is not connected to your device. You can let it sit in the sun and collect solar energy (which it uses to recharge its internal batteries) and once the internal batteries are charged, you can hook up your iPod, cell phone, MP3 Player, GPS device, camera, or whatever it is that you want to recharge. You can also operate your device directly form this portable solar charger if you like.
  2. The other type of solar charger is simply a small portable solar panel that can either be folded, or rolled up. This tends to be more powerful and lighter than the previously mentioned type of solar charger. Due to the higher power output, this type of solar battery charger can be used to power or recharge larger electronic devices (such as laptops, radios, small TVs, and coolers).

Let Robots be Your Guids to Shanghai Expo 2010



Toilet deodorant, gate mousetrap, talking trash classification, multifunctional mouldproof chopsticks cage, school intersection traffic intelligent robot system, standby electrical automatic shutdown delay energy device... The daily life of the details, mostly from covers the inventions and pupils are "encounter difficulties suddenly thought of."

The Expo Robot
"We built
the world expo with blocks simulation of national construction in China, through an intelligent robots as guide, you feel the charm of life science and technology change." Chengdu, the design of "three classmates robot, guide the Shanghai expo attracts many visitors. Intelligent robot entered the China Pavilion with ultrasonic sensors, the elevator door, visitors each booth, including energy conversion system, intelligent take a canopy and lightning tracking system.

Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer
"How doesn’t my cell phone go?" "Mine also." While many visitors walk in a phone booth call before touching, chengdu, shen YangJinYue in seven former into WangMoLin and enthusiasm for all solved the mystery.
"With the popularization of mobile phones have become interference, the chief culprit of class in order." YangJinYue said, the existing mobile phone use of high frequency signal blockers suppressed, the health of people will produce certain effect. In the classroom and their environmental smart
cell phone jammer, through introducing digital micro processing system, realize the working state of intelligent signal interference suppression, thus greatly reducing power, working time is shortened, also can achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

Trash can say thank you
"Please delivery can recycle trash, thank you!" Audio classification trash, bottom installed a voice device, can be induced to throw rubbish issued warnings. Though the design principle is very simple, but his childhood environmental protection and energy saving habits.

Attendance for Intelligent Control of Electricity
"Low carbon" culture is a kind of life habit, a bit of starting from around the habit of saving resources. This system to attendance and light, power lines, etc, and through the existing control organic combination instrument as signal input, a single chip microcomputer as the new information processing unit, so as to realize the attendance will care about their employees with energy-saving and behavior in a safe manner, "this combination can avoid the office, after lighting, no office air conditioning, computer and other electric equipment to open wasteful phenomenon."

Solar Charger of Thin-Film Rollable Is Hardy Indeed
Maybe you have habit of yoga MATS, when you jump on the bike or jump in the car. Why not a portable, rollable solar laptop charger, aims to make most sunlight?

This integration off – Powerfilm to caress your grid charger of laptop computers and mobile phones, digital cameras, (you) to use, at the same time, the player charging cable provided for sunshine solar juice SAR AA/AAA/C/D charger. Oh, there is another advantage: a portable PowerPack can walk with you, full of Rollable Soalr, charger itself inconvenient, provide mobile power for laptop battery, remote lighting, air-conditioning appliances and more.

According to Envirogadget Rollable, solar

charger by the board of amorphous silicon cells on – the plastic fluoropolymer coatings is covered by a weathering and waterproof. This means that the device – matter many solar battery on the market that is used in a – can ship or rain. Its retail price is $299.95 through the solar energy field.

How much of Cell Phone Jammer do You Know about?
Brief of cell phone jammer

Jamming devices overpower the cell phone, which is called cell phone jammer by transmitting a signal on the same frequency and at a high enough power that the two signals collide and cancel each other out. Cell phones are designed to add power if they experience low-level interference, so the jammer must recognize and match the power increase from the phone.

Cell phones are full-duplex devices, which means they use two separate frequencies, one for talking and one for listening simultaneously. Some jammers block only one of the frequencies used by cell phones, which has the effect of blocking both. The phone is tricked into thinking there is no service because it can receive only one of the frequencies.

Less complex devices block only one group of frequencies, while sophisticated jammers can block several types of networks at once to head off dual-mode or tri-mode phones that automatically switch among different network types to find an open signal. Some of the high-end devices block all frequencies at once, and others can be tuned to specific frequencies.

The main electronic components of a jammer:

1. Voltage-controlled oscillator - Generates the radio signal that will interfere with the cell phone signal
2. Tuning circuit - Controls the frequency at which the jammer broadcasts its signal by sending a particular voltage to the oscillator
3. Noise generator - Produces random electronic output in a specified frequency range to jam the cell-phone network signal (part of the tuning circuit)
4. RF amplification (gain stage) - Boosts the power of the radio frequency output to high enough levels to jam a signal.

External hard drive dock firewire work alongside social media
Hitachi is expanding the capabilities of its storage drives with the release of its new product line of external hard drives.

The Hitachi LifeStudio GST is the first external hard drive to offer features that automatically pull together and organize photos, videos, music documents from PCs and social media outlets. The drive is designed with a 3D navigation display and is secured with both local and online cloud backup in a single-integrated solution. The new line of drives is part of Hitachi's plan to offer external drives that combine reliable storage and data protection with updated design for file organization and management.

hdd docking station firewire

Industry experts recently explained the company's effect on the market with its new product line. Liz Conner, senior research analyst at IDC, said "personal storage solutions have become an integral part of a consumer's digital life in terms of providing simple storage and backup." The new external drives are a sign of Hitachi's recent initiative to offer innovative designs for its hdd docking station firewire. Last month, the company released a new hard drive designed with the highest capacity of its size.
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Digital Home
20th century is one of the greatest inventions in the computer as a representative of the digital expertise. The advent of the computer has vigorously promoted social progress & development, & its core is the great progress in information period. The development of computer expertise not only visible in scientific computing & military application fields, in relatives life, computer application, home theater, quick & clever electrical appliances, relatives, children schooling office, financial management, etc., all these make people feel clear digital features. Digital & further more media-oriented new expertise in our life, profound influence.
In the future will be "intelligent electrical equipment, most of the interconnect together, & by one or several central computer control, this is concentrated in the relatives of electronic central. This means that can be automatically according to air temperature automatically modify indoor temperature, according to the ground cleaner to neat the room neat, even degree of master of distant home appliances can switch. These though not strictly multimedia, but it is still a multimedia revolution brings direct technical achievements. The multimedia computer will gradually in to the fabric of our life, it will be more human, more of our life, even in the future life of existing alter our party, digital life may become the main mode of life in the future, people without a computer, computer will become more colorful. Relatives automation & security to high integration & comprehensive development of digital home in digital video network method, in addition, stylish, audiovisual electronic & home automation & safety equipment also plays an important role. So-called home automation, refers to the use of electronic expertise to control the integrated or home electronics products or systems (e.g. floodlight, coffee, computer equipment, security method, heating & air-conditioning systems, video & audio systems, etc.). Its main functions through a central management platform to get from the outside surroundings induction sensor (, such as sunsets & sunrises caused by changes in the light of the information, etc.) with established procedure control other electronic products. In addition to through various interface (keyboard, touch screen, button, a computer, a phone, remote control, etc.) to control the home appliances, building owners can also send control signal to the central processing equipment & the central processing equipment from the information.

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The First Watch Phone In The World
The First Watch Phone In The World

July 7th, 23:35 A watch phone is a mobile video phone that can be worn on the wrist like a watch which has been unveiled by a South Korean technology firm. It described as the world's first watch-shaped mobile video phone.

The "3G watch phone" model has a touch-screen dialling system with a camera and a speaker built in to enable users to make video calls over a high speed internet connection, LG Electronic said in a statement.

It also recognises voices, transforms text to speech, has a Bluetooth function and plays MP3 music.

The product has a 3.63-centimetre (1.43-inch) screen and is 13.9 millimetres (0.56 inches) thick. It will be on display at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11.

LG Electronics said it plans to launch the handset in European markets sometime next year. LG Electronics' "3G watch phone" has a touch-screen dialling system with a camera and a speaker built in to enable users to make video calls and gain high speed access to the internet.

It also recognises voices, transforms text to speech, has a Bluetooth function and works as an MP3 player.
The handset is due to be launched in Europe later next year.

The product has a 1.43-inch (3.63-centimetre) screen and is 0.56 inches (13.9 millimetres) thick and is due to go on display at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from Jan 8 to 11.

The 'watch phone' is part of a trend towards multi-tasking gadgets that can perform a host of functions. Mobile phones, in particular, have been at the forefront of this convergence revolution.

LG also plans to unveil the world's thinnest LED TV at the Las Vegas show. The LG LH95 measures just 1 inch (24.8mm) from front to back.

The gadget convention is also expected to feature a number of innovations in touchscreen netbooks - small, cheap ultra-portable laptops which can provide a convenient, low-cost way of getting online wherever you are.

The netbook has been described as one of the biggest consumer electronics success of 2008.

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Can You Guess Who Would be the Champion of FIFA World Cup 2010?
Can You Guess Who Would be the Champion of FIFA World Cup 2010?

Due to the south, the local time the World Cup semi-finals last night out formally, Spanish, Dutch, German, Uruguay. Who will eventually win big cup? Changeable World Cup play today, it is difficult to answer this question. Many netizens are forecast and online German cup final win will have more fans, should think of pele JinKou "backward" prophecy, not by his promising Germany instead most likely scudetto.

Since the World Cup are predicted, pele had many games, but the result is always in the opposite direction and pele prediction. Therefore, pele was recognized has a "crow mouth," he said which team can win, which team will lose. In all the interview pele and publicly said: "winning, Argentina's Argentine World Cup final winner!" Netizen jesting pele's "crow mouth" will be his country home. But he was not good, the German presidency in the 4-0 score, eventually beat Argentina four opening door.

History always seem to have an amazing coincidence, in order to prove that Germany would be the final champion team, using a set of data the netizens to support his claim: 1978 and 1986 champions are Argentina, 1978 + 1986 = 3964, Between 1974 and 1990, 1974 Germany's 1990 = 3964 +, 1970 and 1994 is Brazil, 1970 + 1994 = 3964, 1962 and 2002 is Brazil, 1962 + 2002 = 3964, 2010 champions are 3964-2010, 1954 = 1954 champions is Germany.

Although the World Cup in Germany, and the players are very young, but they are the united team, unity is strength. Even has a lot of Argentina were young star of Germany beat crumbled.

About German World Cup after another coincidence is their first 20 years must title. In 1954, Germany 1974, 1990, lifting up three times, 20 years apart. Now that Germany has just 20 years from last time, they will be lifting and?

By many factors, Germany is still the hottest team, and who win will eventually win, only with the facts to prove.

Simple Paper-Bags “Lanterns”
While a great menu, good conversation and a comfortable setting are all key ingredients in making your outdoor party a success, nothing quite sets the tone like proper lighting.

Years ago, a client introduced me to an easy yet effective trick for illuminating pathways and terraces: simple paper-bags “lanterns.”

You simply fill as many standard paper lunch bags as required with about two inches of sand each and then place them along the edge of your walkway or patio.

Just before your guests arrive, press a tea light into the centre of each sand pile, being careful to keep the candle away from the sides of the open bags.

When the sun sets, light each candle with a barbecue lighter, producing a soft, romantic glow in the process. As the evening progresses, keep an eye on the lanterns to ensure they're okay. And avoid placing them near anything that can catch fire, such as bushes or furniture, to begin with.

If open flames aren't for you, give the new battery-powered LED tea lights available both online and at stores such as Loblaws and Home Outfitters a try. The glow isn't quite so romantic, but you'll have peace of mind. Alternatively, you could also place regular tea lights into open mason jars, which offer a less combustible base.

Finally, the growing number of re-chargeable outdoor lighting options on the market can be powered through a base charger during the day and then placed throughout your home of garden as desired at night. My favourite new product in this category has to be the Sun Jar, which stores up sunlight with the help of a solar panel by day and then automatically turns itself on as the sun goes down, lighting up your patio or garden.

Solar-Powered Camera Laptop Solar Charger Strap Keeps You Shooting
Avoid dead camera batteries by putting a strip of solar panels on your camera strap. Simple, and rather clever, right? That’s exactly what Weng Jie’s Solar Camera Strap does, although in coming up with the design he forgot an important point: you can’t charge batteries while they are in the camera or the laptop.

Solar Charger for Laptop Camera

While some cameras come with charging docks or have their chargers built in so you just have to plug in a cable, most require a separate solar laptop chargers into which you pop the battery: a far better solution which doesn’t put your camera out of action as it juices up. Weng’s device runs the power generated by the strap into the camera’s DC-in socket via cable. This would let you use the camera as long as the light is bright, but there’d be no buffer if the Sun were to dip behind a cloud (there are a pair of batteries within the strap, but that’s not really ideal).

Still, those are mere details. Give me a way to use my camera all day without having to worry about running out of power and you’d have my cash. It's also fit to any type of laptop notebooks. If you ever sell this strap, Weng, get in touch. And please, please make it in a darker color so it doesn’t pick up my neck-dirt.

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4 Pin or 6 Pin Firewire Hard Drive Docking Station
Recently got a new and inexpensive firewire 400 800 sata hard drive dock, really cool. Supports 1394B (fire wire 800), backward-compatible with 1394A (fire wire 400), nice gadget.

This is not a straight cable it is an adapter. Electronics are hidden in the connectors and you need a driver to use this cable. What driver do you need, I bought one of these cables and am running Windows Vista? I really wish all the hardware gurus would take a step back and consider that people *might* know what they are talking about.

Firewire SATA Hard Drive Docking Station

"Firewire and USB are not the same technology and don't use the same communication signals. So, no matter how you wire it, the two just won't communicate." Now, dhinesh's link is broken, and I'm too lazy to look into it, so I'll admit that perhaps the link points to a true firewire-firewire or usb-usb cable. But, what if.. what if dhinesh bought one of these Pixela cables and came here looking for help? Firewire and USB don't have to communicate - they can use a converter cable... To be lenient, I've been looking for something like this firewire hard drive dock for years, and it is the only one I've seen - but before being so adamant that something can't be done, double check.Firewire and USB are not the same technology and don't use the same communication signals. So, no matter how you wire it, the two just won't communicate.

That is a mini USB connector on the end of that cable. My camcorder has both a USB port and a firewire port and they look very similar. If you are plugging that cable into the firewire port, it won't work. You will need to plug it into the USB port of the camcorder. If your camcorder doesn't have a USB port, you will need to connect it to a firewire port on your computer.

EDIT: Found this and it provides an interesting explanation. Although, keep in mind, that the product they mention won't help you either.
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Learn more about the history of oil paintig
Now many persons know the dafen village in Shenzhen. And the handmade oil painting is just from Chinese dafen village. But do you know really the history of the oil painting.

Oil painting is a really art form. You would not respond when any person asks you if you are acquainted with any famous painter. But I believe that you must not realize several famous oil paintings.

The oil paintings started in the Middle East between the 5th and 9th centuries. During the 15th century it grew to become an especially widespread artwork to spread westward. Then Painters found that painting based oil suffered from less staining and totally different oils will create totally different pigments and consistencies.

Dafen Oil painting is generally made up of some type of oil, typically linseed oil. Then, it is mixed and boiled with pine resin. This varnish was much-admired because of its luster and body. Various oils besides linseed oil that are normally used include walnut, poppy seed and sunflower oils.

Oil painting starts with the sketching, utilizing charcoal or other materials, of the subject on the canvas. Oil paints could also be mixed with turpentine and different paint thinners for a paint of particular thickness and more or lesser drying time. The overall rule of application is that you wish to ensure that every layer of paint has extra oil than the earlier layer. This allows the artwork to dry correctly. Otherwise, the paint is prone to crack or peel.

Many well-known oil paintings have come to us throughout the ages. A lot of of them are very famous and even individuals have looked at or heard of these pieces of artwork.

The Mona Lisa is really one of the most talked about oil paintings ever. We know that this enigmatic lady looked out on Television, appeared in magazines and elsewhere. She was painted by Leonardo da Vinci throughout the Italian Renaissance. Da Vinci started painting in 1503 and worked over it for a lot of years. After transferring to France, he continued painting and the Mona Lisa was done shortly before his demise in 1519. This painting is probably the single most talked about, analyzed and valued piece ever made.

There many other well-known paintings that is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, Water Lilies by Claude Monet, The Rape of Europa by Titian, The Card Players by Paul Cezanne, La Donna Velata by Raphael, Night Watch by Rembrandt and Nude by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. There are also a lot of renowned self portraits by painters like Van Gogh, Titian, Rembrandt, Albrecht Durer and Frieda Kahlo.

Espow offers many handmade oil paintings from dafen village. For more to go espow.

Dialogue about solar laptop battery charger for Dell
Google solar laptop charger, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Anyone have any trail experience good or bad with a solar charger for laptop? I'm trying to figure it out and i've got no experience with those parameters.. My laptop: Dell XPS M1330. Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks..

There are many of them - but hopefully you don't need much portability, because the power requirements of a notebook dictate that the solar panel will be relatively large.

The panel referenced by ejn63 will output 5 watts max (They don't tell you this. 150 Watts per square meter is typical for an efficient panel.). Therefore it would take 10-20 hours to charge a laptop battery under optimum conditions. It would NOT be powerful enough to run the laptop. In addition, Dell laptops require a signal from the charger to identify the charger. Without this signal, no charging is allowed. Sorry. Made a math error. Probably get 20 watts max from this unit, which is still low for operating the PC. It would charge a battrery in 5 hours if it wern't for the Dell signal problem. Do a search on Dells with solar chargers to see what others have experienced.

Thanks. It seems that i need to find the balance between Portability and Power. The solar panel you recommend is powerful and portable, however, without build-in battery, and i want to get a solar charger for laptop with internal battery, so i can charge it first for emergency (if so, it will not be portable). After several search, i start to learn about those parameters (i thought that there is no difference between solar panel and solar battery charger).. Maybe i will do a choice between amzon and espow. Humm, because of High Efficiency, i would concern about solar panel.

It actually is a big problem. There are mucho complaints about the laptops not recognizing the supply. Dell is about the only OEM to use the signal. Abuse of the power cord can result in a broken signal lead. Also, Dell does not use a shielded cable, and an RF pulse can be picked up by the wire and fry the signal part of the supply.

It's of commercial monopoly. Cell Phone Universal Charger Standard will be put into service... Looking forword to laptop universal charger standard.. Before this, i have to ask the retailer about the 16000mAh solar laptop charger i have chosen whether it supports my dell laptop.
More about it at:

3 Factors for Choosing Solar Laptop Chargers Panels
If you want to travel outside for camping, a laptop is a must. So, if you don’t drive there, just use a solar laptop charger. A pair of solar laptop charger most of the market, but not all people are equal. This is the number of articles and ability to plan a visit for you to visit an overview.

Solar Laptop Charger Dimensions

when a power supply for the solar charger laptop search, rationing problem is a big problem. Do you want small things, convenient and light weight? On this day, small, lightweight technology of the times, is boxy expected, the rich artifacts of any ability pocket. Solar laptop charger in the branch, however, rationing has not yet been conquered. They range from banks is difficult to remove than the absolute size of the military attached and about 12 inches to 30 inches. In the photovoltaic power generation is a rich architectural ideas of the prototype, but the increase in weight and ration your laptop bag weight may be your Chief large organizations.

Peak power & Output Power

Most solar power chargers can accommodate most appropriate. To most solar laptop panel, peak power supplied by photocell can be up to 5W (at least 1.5W). This is a full spectrum of advanced, I know. In many products, there is a ration and yield absolute turn. If you had infinite capacity and portability of the thing is that you better not concern allegations that analysis. As the name suggests, roll it up. And out put can be 10-30W. This is rich, to the absolute charges your laptop 5-10 hours or longer while in your absolute acceptance. More infor about solar charger, just read this pdf file at:

Solar Charger Price

On the solar-powered laptop charger amount of label may be about the rich, the face you completely shut down. If you can charge, rather than take the initiative to its solar charger socket for your laptop anniversary, you can save your support of 100 U.S. dollars a year, and previous notebook exception. Solar Charger inflammatory lot of some people still campanology $400 range. They are usually not attractive because of their higher-priced counterparts acceptable, but this portable solar power generator is a good military attached attractive, inexpensive option. Even solar-powered backpack can be used for 200 dollars. Another advantage is that you can afford to complete their solar laptop charger. Here you can increase by about the arrest.

The Differences Between Hard Disk Players and DVD Players

Hard disk player with the scientific search function let you find quickly what you want to see, and it saves you a lot of time. Wherever you use the HDD media player, it is very convenient and flexible.

DVD Player is bulky and inconvenient to carry. But the HDD media player is small only as hard driver. You can use it to enjoy at home, travel or in the office. Arbitrary, arbitrary soar!

DVD player will damage for frequent playing. And the hard driver player has a long life because of the long life of hard disk, and you do not fear that it cann't play any movies or songs.

DVD players need to purchase discs. But the video files which hard disk player plays are downloaded from the network, without any money, and you can preview on the computer or other monitors.

The random content let you free and convenience. You can store which movies you want to store for ever, and you also can delete what you donn't want to store. You can enter the new film in time. Even if the 40-episode TV series, you can simply put them into HDD media players, so wherever you went you could watch the exciting films at any time.

Hard disk player also has recording capabilities. You can record the television programs what you want to save down. At the same time, you can connect all kinds of cameras, including wireless and wired cameras, and your recording of the completely scene is instead of a single hard disk recorder. And the video recorders cost less than 60%. The media player not only supports RM, RMVB format but also MKV, FLV, H264 format.

At present more complete players have built-in hard drive function device. You need to connect the hard drive to media player when playing. It's necessary to carry out the media players and mobile hard disks.

Hard driver player can also plug SD cards and other types of common cards. It can play the recording content that you use a digital camera to record only simple pluging. Either party recording or child's birthday video photos, you can watch them in the TV. What a comfortable thing!

What's more, hard disk player has all the features of the mobile hard disk.

The way inputting data to the media player is very simple as MP3 music reproduction. You can input them with copying CD-ROM, downloading from the computer. In addition to its own reproduction, but also you can go to Internet cafes or computer companies to copy. Many video stores are now carrying out the business professional. Since the promotion of the hard disk player, video stores have been contributed to develop the business.


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